Tooth Bonding in Metairie, LA

If you’re struggling with broken or decayed teeth, showing off your smile can make you feel self-conscious. Thanks to tooth bonding in Metairie, LA, you don’t need to hide your pearly whites for another day! You’ll enjoy results that are nearly impossible to tell apart from your natural teeth.

To learn more about tooth bonding or tooth decay prevention, give Dr. Cerniglia, a call today.

What Is Tooth Bonding?

The tooth bonding process involves using composite resins to fix minor defects or replace missing tooth structure. Our team can use tooth bonding to repair a chipped tooth, bad alignment, and discoloration that is resistant to other whitening methods.

How Does Tooth Bonding Work?

Tooth bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that can repair or enhance the appearance of a tooth usually in one visit.  Tooth bonding is a combination of high quality, high technology materials combined with artistic ability to reproduce the appearance of the original tooth or to create a more esthetic appearance to the the tooth. Here is how it works:

1. First the tooth must be free of all plaque, surface stains and tartar to give the composite resin a good surface to adhere to.

2. We then use a formulated acidic gel which penetrates the enamel of the tooth creating micro channels for the bonding agent to adhere to.

3. Once etched, the surface is conditioned with bonding agent which is cured with a specific wavelength LED curing light. We then apply an appropriate shade of composite resin (Dr. Cerniglia uses Cosmedent Renamel which has been shown to best match most tooth shades), and the composite shaped and cured with the same curing light. The light hardens the material and allows it settle into its final shade. 

4. Once the application of the resin and curing is complete, Dr. Cerniglia will shape and give texture to the material to match the existing teeth.

5. Lastly, the composite resin is polished for a beautiful, natural-looking appearance and shine. 

The bonding process can be done in one visit and usually will take between 30-60 minutes to complete for a single tooth based on what we are repairing. The procedure usually does not require anesthetic unless there is trauma and may need for comfort. 

Why Choose Tooth Bonding in Metairie, LA?

Tooth bonding is a good choice if you’d like to fix minor flaws with your teeth. It’s ideal for:

  • Teeth staining
  • Small gaps between teeth, especially gaps near the front of your mouth
  • Cracks and chips

Unlike veneers, tooth bonding doesn’t need any dental lab work or waiting between appointments. Plus, we remove very little of your actual tooth surface during the process. That means we can finish the process much quicker.

Tooth bonding in Metairie, LA, typically costs about $300 to $600 per tooth. This is much less than other types of cosmetic procedures, so if you’re on a tight budget and want to revitalize your smile, tooth bonding could be perfect for you.

Is Tooth Bonding Right for You?

Tooth bonding is best for fixing minor problems, such as minimal staining or small chips and cracks. If you have major damage to your teeth, we may suggest a different procedure. Tooth bonding is also not ideal if you have a severe overbite or under-bite (your top front teeth are either in front of or behind your bottom front teeth).

If your teeth are stained, you might want to have your teeth whitened before visiting us for tooth bonding because we mix the resin to match the shade of your teeth.

Caring for Your New Smile

Tooth bonding resin doesn’t last as long as laminate or porcelain, but it should serve you well for about three to ten years if you care for your teeth properly.

Take care of your bonded teeth just as you would real teeth. Brush and floss every day, and try to limit coffee, tea, red wine, and cigarettes. Bonded teeth can stain just like natural teeth, and once that happens, we can’t whiten them.

To keep your smile sparkling and healthy, it’s a good idea to visit our office every six months for a routine cleaning and dental examination.

Avoid using your teeth to open cans or hold things. Bonded teeth can easily chip if you use them like this.

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