Financial Policy

We are happy to have you as our patient and look forward to offering you and your family the finest dental care available. We know that providing complete comprehensive dental services includes discussing all treatment and financial information.

Before treatment is performed, we will discuss treatment and financial options. This will allow you to fully understand your dental treatment, what to anticipate in fees and allow you time to make the necessary financial arrangements

1. Payments. Payment is due at the time services are rendered. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Care Credit. Any deductible or estimated copayment amount will be due at the time of treatment.
Online payments may be paid by following this payment link

Emergency patients, new to our practice, should expect to make a payment at the time of
service. Once established as an active patient, we will be happy to discuss other payment

2. Health Insurance. Insurance benefits are determined by your employer, not your dentist. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. Your insurance
coverage and benefits are your responsibility. Insurance is not a guarantee of payment; it often does not cover all the costs involved in treatment. Please note that dental benefits are subject to various limits as determined by your benefit provider. We are happy to file your claim for you if you present your insurance card (if available) and all required employer information. You will be expected to pay for services rendered if we are unable to verify your insurance information prior to treatment.

3. Late Fees. If a payment for services already rendered has not been paid in full within 45 days, either by you or your insurance company, the remaining balance for your treatment is
considered due and must be paid by you. Should your account exceed sixty (60) days, a $3
monthly billing service fee will be charged. Should your account exceed ninety (90) days, one
and one-half percent (1.5 Percent) interest per month (18 Percent per year) will be charged. If your account exceeds ninety (90) days after all insurance claims have been paid, your account will be sent to a collection agency and an additional $85 will be charged for administrative fees. In the event of incurred costs for your default of payment, you agree to be responsible for all attorneys fees and other court costs associated with enforcing this agreement.

4. Cancelled Appointments. Appointments are reserved exclusively for you. As a courtesy to our patients, we will remind our patients of their appointments by email, text, and or telephone. If an appointment is not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, or if you fail to keep your appointment, you will be subject to a charge of $75, and will result in a longer wait time for your next appointment.

Separated or divorced parents of minors, the parent who brings the child in to the dental
appointment is responsible for paying the copayment or full fee. If it is necessary, we are happy to hold a credit or debit number on file.

Payment plans and financial arrangements are available for comprehensive treatment. Please
speak with us to plan prior to commencing treatment.

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