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Laser Dentistry In Metairie, LA

One of the most significant advances in modern dentistry has been the development of the dental laser. Today dental lasers are being increasing used to treat both hard and soft tissue. Treating tooth decay, periodontal disease, removal of many oral lesions, fever blisters, and for wound healing by bio stimulation. The dental laser can also be used to help in decreasing snoring and for esthetic enhancements of oral tissues and lips.

Dental lasers combine laser crystal energy along with water and air to safely cut tooth structure and remove decay. Laser energy works by removing tooth structure by excited the water molecules and operates without direct contact with the tooth. This is done without heat or vibration, which greatly decreases pain and the need for dental anesthesia. We can perform many dental procedure without the need of a shot, with greater healing and sterilization.

We are one of only 6 dental offices in the state of Louisiana to have the Lightwalker AT laser. This dual wavelength dental laser incorporates both Er:YAG and Nd:YAG laser technology.

The Er:YAG laser can remove decay and prepare a tooth with little to no discomfort, as there is no vibration or heat involved. Many patients feel a slight cooling sensation but rarely report pain from most procedures done with the laser.

The Er:YAG laser incorporating the PHAST or PIPS protocol has revolutionized the way root canals are done today with greater cleaning and sterilization of the root canal system, and increasing the success rate of this procedure.

The Nd:YAG laser is great for periodontal disease to aid in sterilizing the wound and wound healing. Procedures performed with this laser heals much faster than more traditional techniques.

Using a technique to numb a tooth using the Nd:YAG laser by lower energy defocused movements, a tooth can be numb for many procedures.

While dental lasers are an excellent treatment option in many situations, they cannot perform all dental procedures. The laser does, however, allow us to do much more conservative (micro) dentistry and avoid the typical collateral damage when larger filling are placed by using the dental drill.

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