Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatments in Metairie, LA

If you have an infection in your tooth that causes intense pain and tooth decay, root canal therapy can remove the infection and relieve your pain. This dental procedure is usually the best way to save the tooth by treating the infected pulp deep within the root. If you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, you may need root canal treatments in Metairie, LA.

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All About Root Canal Treatments in Metairie, LA

When you have a cavity and the infected tooth pulp reaches the root of your tooth, the best way to reduce your pain is by performing a root canal procedure. You may have heard that this treatment is painful — but that is a common misconception. While the infected inner layer of your tooth can cause pain, the procedure itself is similar to getting a filling. 

Root canal treatment removes the infection, relieves your pain, and avoids future problems like tooth shifting and bone loss. You can likely avoid having the tooth extracted if you see Dr. George P. Cerniglia for prompt root canal therapy.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

A root canal is a dental procedure that treats infections and inflammation within the pulp of your tooth. The pulp is the inner layer of your tooth that connects to nerves and blood vessels. When an infection takes over, the tooth will start to decay from the inside out. 

Root canal treatments, which you may also hear by the name “endodontics,” involve removing the inflamed pulp in the root, cleaning the deep root canal of all bacteria, and sealing it off to avoid future infections. 

Common Causes of Root Canal Problems

How exactly do bacteria penetrate the inner layer of your teeth? Cracked teeth or untreated cavities can lead to root canal damage. Any physical damage to your tooth’s surface can weaken its protective layer of enamel and allow bacteria to seep down into the root.

As the tooth structure continues to rot, it’s easier for bacteria to infiltrate the pulp layer. In some cases, dental procedures like fillings or restorations make the tooth more vulnerable to root canal issues. 

How To Prepare for a Root Canal Treatment

When you arrive for your root canal treatments in Metairie, LA, you’ll receive a local anesthetic to completely numb the area so you won’t feel anything at all, just like when you get a filling.

Dr. Cerniglia will make a small hole in the surface of your tooth to access the pulp and root, then begin cleaning out all the dead and infected tooth pulp. Once the tooth is clean, we fill the tooth chamber with a biocompatible material and apply a temporary crown or filling to the damaged tooth to protect it. 

Most root canal treatments take just one visit, but depending on the severity of your condition, it may take multiple appointments to clean the infected area. 

What To Expect After Your Root Canal Treatment

Once we finish the procedure, you’ll likely experience some sensitivity. This should subside within a few days, and over-the-counter pain medications can make you more comfortable. You’ll need follow-up care with Dr. Cerniglia to place a permanent crown over the impacted tooth, which will restore it to full function. 

After placing the crown, your tooth will look and feel like new. You’ll be pain-free and able to enjoy all of the things that root canal inflammation held you back from. 

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